The Laura Harling Gallery of Political and Social Satire



I’m a California sculptor specializing in political and social satire. I’ve drawn inspiration for my art from a lifelong interest in news and politics, and a  varied work history.  

My first jobs included baby sitting, drawing portraits for my hometown newspaper - the Woodland Daily Democrat, and working as a motel maid, retail clerk, and tomato sorter on a harvester.

I painted paisleys on wooden crutches, and decorated shop windows for Christmas.

I worked as a department store gift wrapper, card dealer in Nevada casinos, and house painter.

For the California government, I worked as a file clerk, janitor, high rise window cleaner, trades dispatcher for the Capitol, and correctional high school teacher.

I continue to sculpt the famous and the infamous.

I spend a long time researching my subject, and gathering photos.

I carve a small head the size of a walnut from polymer clay with a dental tool. It takes many days to achieve a likeness.

Then I make a wire skeleton, wrap it with plaster bandages, add some papier maché, cover that with clay, carve details, and bake it. I make hands, feet, and anything else that I want to add, build a wooden base, assemble the figures, attach everything to the base, paint all with acrylics and ... it's done!

I use whatever materials are handy, such as:

A toothpick for Willie Brown's scepter ...

Sculpture detail by Laura Harling

A coat hanger for Bob Dole's tree ...

Sculpture detail by Laura Harling

A corn flakes box for Jerry Brown's shrine ...

Sculpture detail by Laura Harling

Broom straw for parts of Bill Clinton's saxophone ...

Sculpture detail by Laura Harling

Human hair for strings on Elvis’s guitar ...

Sculpture detail by Laura Harling
Self Portrait by Laura Harling

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